Blog Update & Banner Art Gallery

Blog Update- 5 Upcoming Posts

Thought I’d update people on whats going on with this blog for the first time in forever.

Going through my old posts you’ll see a running theme where new kinds of “daily posts” are seen once, then never again. I’ve had different ideas of what I want to do on this blog over time. There are big articles I’m slowly writing, ideas about shorter posts I could get out regularly and up until now I’ve mostly written articles related to my YouTube videos.

I was thinking about what I could do on this blog and I’ve decided to experiment a bit. I’m going to post a series of 5 short articles, one every 2 days, starting Sunday.

In each bi-daily post I’ll;

  • Write a short (200-500 word) article about animation or the animation/sakuga community
  • Share 5 images I like
  • Share 5 sakuga clips I like
  • Share 3 songs I like
  • Ask 3 questions

I’ve done articles similar to this before, but capping it at 5 posts makes me more likely to see these through to the end.

I’ve also got a big article in the works. I’ve been in the middle of gathering resources and writing notes for an article about the definition of good animation. I want to come to a solid understanding of what people think of as good animation, how broad the definition of sakuga should be and talk about different methods of producing great animation. I’ve still got to decide on the scope of the article so this could take some time (especially since I’m also doing post-grad and full time work). But, to be super vague, I want to finish it sometime this year.

Banner Art Gallery

By the way, I replaced my Calvin & Hobbes banner art with some more related to animation. I thought I’d post them all in a gallery here for anyone who wants to see them un-cropped. Info about them is in the captions.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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