How to Watch my Sakuga MADs with the Source Info Onscreen

From today onward I’m gradually adding subtitles to my Sakuga MADs. These subs will let you to watch my videos with the source and animator information onscreen. The info can be turned on and off by toggling the English subtitles.

In my opinion the default YouTube subtitles look too big in a Sakuga MAD: here’s how to change their appearance to make them fit better in the video.

1: Click on “Subtitles/CC” in Settings.
2: Click on “Options”.
3: Enter these settings.
The animator and source info should now look like this- no more black boxes.

These settings should remain as you watch other YouTube videos. In my opinion this makes the source info look nicer and less invasive.

Let me know what you think about these subtitles in the comments.

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