Where the Evangelion Videos Went

Update: This post is outdated since all my Evangelion videos have since been taken down for copyright reasons. I’ll keep this post up for posterity but the information in it is outdated. All the Evangelion comparison videos are taken down but if anyone wants to see them I still have them. Message me through the contact me page and I can give you some links to them.

Old Post:

I’m taking some of my Evangelion comparison videos off YouTube. I haven’t received any copyright claims but I think it’s becoming more likely I’ll get one as they get more views. If you want to see any of the ones I’m taking down message me. This might not be necessary but I’d rather be safe. Read on to find out the specifics.

When I started uploading these I didn’t think much about copyright issues. I read up about fair use beforehand and thought that YouTube’s system of dealing with copyright infringement meant I’d just have my channel terminated at the worst. If a company asked me to take videos down I would. I thought that since I wasn’t showing unedited scenes by themselves (I edited them and synced them up) it was  different enough from watching these scenes normally. I also wasn’t uploading enough videos that my channel would have entire movies or episodes on it. I believed they counted as fair use.

YouTube’s fair use guidelines are fairly  vague

However, I’m becoming aware of other cases. There are precedents where people have been sued for uploading anime episodes/manga strips to YouTube. A YouTuber is also currently being sued for using clips from Kubrick films despite him adding commentary to them. These cases aren’t the exact same as mine (for instance if Gainax/Khara asked me to take down videos I would and the YouTubers apparently didn’t several times) but it’s similar enough to make me worry. This, along with a nagging thought that my NGE videos might not be seen as fair use, has lead me to take some of my NGE videos down.

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