Sakuga Supercut

A montage of some of my favourite cuts of animation. It’s made up almost entirely of clips I used in my previous videos. Making my sakuga videos has let me build up a big library of clips so I thought it would be good to make a montage of my new favourite cuts since I started making videos. Read on for more info.

Sometimes I make sakuga videos because I want to edit to a certain song. I saw magnil’s recent Hayao Miyazaki MAD and I felt like I had to edit something to the first song he used- Sambo Temperado. Castle of Cagliostro is one of my favourite movies and I loved this song in it. magnil’s video was the first time I’d heard the extended version.

I was a bit hesitant to make this video because it was close to when magnil put out his, but I couldn’t resist.

This is a highlight reel of my favourite cuts from videos I’ve done. To see all my sakuga videos, which are about specific series’, themes and animators, click here.


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