Some Animation Stuff

Today I’m going to share some interesting animation related sites and resources I found.

First off there’s the Animator Mag archive. I found this while looking up animators for my British Animation MAD video. Animator Magazine was a British magazine that ran from 1982-1995. The website is run by the magazine’s former editor and it archives what seems like all or most issues of the magazine online. There’s interviews with animators and directors and info about Western animation that I couldn’t find anywhere else. It’s a good resource for behind the scenes info about Western animation.

I’ve only seen the first few episodes of Adventure Time but I liked it a lot. I found the show’s pilot episode, made 3 years before the series began. It has a different animation style and most of the same humour that made me like the series. Also the guy who voices Finn in this is the brother of Jeremy Shada, who voices him in the series.

Probably the best resource I found was the Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast. The series is hosted by brothers Tony Bancroft (the supervising animator for Pumbaa and Kronk, and the director of Mulan) and Tom Bancroft (supervising animator for Mushu). They interview famous animators like Andreas Deja, Glen Keane and Don Bluth and have episodes where they talk about the animation process and other behind the scenes stuff. Something I don’t like so much is their obvious dislike of CGI animation. I prefer cel animation as well but they often sound like “In my day we did animation the right way” type hosts. Either way this podcast series and the website it’s hosted on are aimed at people who want to get into the animation industry, so it’s in depth and thorough. Here’s the podcast I liked the most.

Here’s a blog that doesn’t have that much content but has a couple of interesting articles about character design and animation that I thought were really interesting. In my favourite article they talk about how the 12 Principles of Animation apply to the sprites of fighters in the Darkstalkers fighting games.

Finally I made a Don Bluth MAD fairly recently and I didn’t know about this video while I was making it. This is a clip from Xanadu (1980) that was animated by Don Bluth. I would’ve included in the MAD if I knew about it.

And again, here’s some more clips I like:

From The Cat Returns. Key animation by Tadashi Hiramatsu.

From The Wind Rises. Key animation by Shinya Ohira.

From Pinocchio. Key animation by Art Palmer, John McManus, Josh Meador, Milt Kahl, Sandy Strother and Wolfgang Reitherman.

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