Animators Themselves

This is my second daily short blog post. These will just be about anything I can think of, but will most likely be about animation.

Today I want to talk about animators themselves in interviews and other videos they make appearances in.

Richard Williams seems like a cool guy and he was friends with Milt Kahl who was possibly the greatest animator ever. They had a pretty interesting relationship- Kahl became Williams’ friend and begrudging mentor after Williams fanboyed out over him. Kahl thought Williams was a “shit animator” but a good artist. I like these videos where Williams talks about their friendship.

Here’s a great documentary about Milt Kahl.

I can’t say enough about how cool Andreas Deja, animator of Scar and Jafar, is. He did a great acceptance speech for his recent Disney Legends award.

I get the impression that Japanese animators are treated less like celebrities than Western ones. In documentaries I’ve seen them in they come across as low key. I like this TV episode about Hideaki Anno though. Anno directed Evangelion and as you would imagine he has a very interesting personality. In this video he teaches a class of kids about animation. He’s very shy and he looks uncomfortable talking about Evangelion.

Some more clips I like:

From the opening of Tiger Mask. Key animation by Keiichiro Kimura.

From Toy Story That Time Forgot. Key animation by Yoh Yoshinari.

From Toy Story That Time Forgot. Key animation by Hiroyuki Imaishi.

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