One Punch Man Sakuga MAD

One Punch Man is a great anime that didn’t need good animation but chose to go all out anyway. I love its style of animation more than most other anime’s, especially how crazy things get when the action picks up- which is all the time. I love it when characters abstract with the action.

As far as I can tell the anime expands a lot on the manga’s fight scenes. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is basically my favourite thing ever and Al’s fight against Pride and Kimblee is one of my favourite scenes. It’s interesting, though, that the fight is basically shot for shot how the action goes down in the manga. One Punch Man ramps up the action for the anime. The fight against the underground monsters is completely different and a lot longer than it was in the manga for example. That doesn’t mean that some shots aren’t closely based on the source though.

manga comp.png

I didn’t use to like the opening of the show. I don’t like the singer’s voice much. After listening to it a million times while editing this it’s grown on me though. I wanted to use a completely instrumental version of the opening some but the one in the video was as close as I could find and works I think.

My favourite sequence is Yoshimichi Kameda’s animation of the fight against the underground people.

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