Glen Keane animation

Glen Keane is an animator who’s responsible for some of the best Disney animation of the 90s. Part of Your World, the Beast’s transformation, that pastel part of Colours of the Wind and quite a few characters were animated by him. He’s my favourite modern Disney animator and I’m happy that I made my first Western sakuga video about him.

The video has clips from Beauty and the Beast, Fox and the Hound, Tarzan, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Little Mermaid and two shorts made entirely by him called Duet and Nephtali. Duet is the animation about a couple drawn on dark black background and Nephtali is the light purple one with the dancer and deer at the end.

There’s something retro about Keane’s drawings. Animators who worked at the same time as him like James Baxter and Mark Henn were great in their own ways but Keane was able to keep some of Disney’s rougher style of animation when everything became softer in the 90s. Beast’s fur is scraggly, Pocahontas’ wind tunneled hair is all over the place and the Bear in Fox and the Hound looks feral. His characters aren’t usually as hyper visually appealing as other animators’ but I feel like that makes them more endearing, like Don Bluth’s Ugly Cute thing.

There are some things I love in particular. Beast’s body language- his barely contained rage is hilarious to me. Everything about Ratigan but that part where he scrunches up into a ball, especially when you hear it with the audio, is brilliant.  He does a great job of capturing emotions.

That body language though

I like to use songs related to the things I make sakuga videos about. The song I used here is Transformation by Alan Menken, the song that plays in the last scene of Beauty and the Beast.

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