Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Sakuga MAD

This video took longer than I thought it would to make. I made a very different one first and uploaded it, but decided to change it up a lot. This is the like the eighth version I did.

The series has such a strong story and characters that watching the animation out of context you miss out on too much I think. That said, the animation in this series is really great to admire.

Yoshimichi Kameda, my favourite animator, does my favourite cuts. I liked editing together all of Mustang’s incineration scenes at the end which might be my favourite parts of the whole series.

Not too much to say about this video. It’s about my favourite series and I got just about all my favourite shots in.

The song is Again by YUI, the first opening theme of the series.

One Reply to “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Sakuga MAD”

  1. You’ve earned a follower! I’m so impressed, not only with the work from the likes of Yoshimichi Kameda and Hironori Tanaka, but also how you compiled them in a way the blends well with the song and looks very appealing.


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