Studio Ghibli Sakuga MAD

Note: The video’s been taken down for copyright

Adobe Premiere is my God. I’m finding it way too fun to edit stuff in it so I made some more sakuga videos. I made an Evangelion one first and now here’s a Studio Ghibli one.

This video only includes clips from Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. That isn’t to say that I don’t think other Ghibli films have amazing animation, I’ll probably do another video on more Ghibli films sometime. Those are just the main three films I think of when I think Ghibli.

Making this video made me feel all warm inside. Seeing the animation paired with the music is pretty amazing and I realized that there were way too many great moments in the films to make a video including all of them. Like my first two sakuga videos, I got all the clips and info on their animators from Sakugabooru. They didn’t have all of my favorite sequences though. For my Evangelion sakuga MAD I used clips from the actual movies instead of Sakugabooru so I was able to include more of my favourite parts. I didn’t have the movie files for these films so I just used what I could find.

I like that I noticed some female animators in this video like Megumi Kagawa and Makiko Futaki. This might be the first time I’ve had female animators in my Sakuga videos. Here’s a good article on female animators at Ghibli. It’s appropriate given Miyazaki’s emphasis on strong female characters. I think Shinya Ohira does my favourite cuts in this video but it’s hard for me to pick favourite animation from a Ghibli film when I love all of it.

The song is one of my favourite Joe Hisashi tracks. It’s from an album that re-orchestrates music from Ghibli films called “Joe Hisashi Meets Miyazaki”. It’s weirdly hard to find outside of iTunes but you can listen to samples of the album here and if you have apple music you can listen to all of it aside from the first four songs for some reason.

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