Neon Genesis Evangelion Sakuga MAD

I had finished all the Evangelion 1.11 comparison videos and wanted to edit something else with Adobe Premier, which I bought to edit the last couple of videos in the series. Doing the 1.11 videos made me appreciate the animation in the franchise. Thankfully there aren’t a ridiculous number of well animated sequences like in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood either so I thought I’d make a Sakuga MAD with the video files I had.

In the video I try to switch between the original version of a scene and its redraw in the Rebuild movies. It’s obvious when I do because the aspect ratio changes. It’s similar to what I had to do in the comparison videos and I like the effect.

I made sure I picked a fairly short song so I wouldn’t make another 15 minute sakuga video. The track in it is a simple mix I made of Bataille d’Espace from Evangelion 3.0 and Decisive Battle from the original series, both were made by Shiro Sagisu. Having a short song forces me to make quick cuts which can help make sure the video doesn’t get a copyright strike.

I don’t like the film all that much but I love how intense the climax of 1.11 is. It’s not always clear when it’s CGI and when it’s cel animated but it’s very well put together. I learned about Takashi Hashimoto doing this video who does a lot of the spectacular explosions in the movie.

I was also surprised at how many cuts Mitsuo Iso did in the original series. I’d heard that he draws all of the frames in his shots but cuts like the explosion he did in episode one make me  question whether or not he does it all the time. Either way he’s one of my favourite animators. That car sequence he did in episode 1 just feels so cool to me, especially that shot of changing gears.

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