Neon Genesis Evangelion vs. Evangelion 2.22 Scene Comparisons

Note: These videos have been taken down for copyright reasons. If you’re interested in seeing these videos send me a message through the contact me page.

I made these videos about a year ago because I was bored and I like comparison videos. I like the original series more than the Rebuild movies that came out recently but I like Evangelion 2.22 as a standalone film. I’d seen a video comparing shots from Evangelion 1.11 to the original series a long time ago so I decided to compare scenes in 2.22 using the English dub, which I prefer.

It was interesting to edit. I had to decide whether to let scenes play out at their own pace or if I should match up specific shots or lines of dialogue. In the end I did a mixture and chose what I thought worked best for each scene.

There are cool things I noticed making it. The movie changes and expands scenes quite a lot and as a result it’s paced differently. I hunted down specific frames where shots begin and end constantly to sync things up. There are some times where I sync things up and other stuff falls into place automatically. When you sync up Gendo asking Shinji “Why aren’t you fighting?” during the Bardiel fight two other important lines of dialogue match up perfectly later on. If you sync up when Unit-02’s arm falls in the water in the fight against Zeruel Unit-02 will receive a blow to the head at the same time in both versions.

I made these videos for my own enjoyment and thought it’d be interesting to see what other people thought of the differences in the film. I originally made a 45 minute video of comparisons that was taken down instantly anywhere I tried to post it. For some reason the project file I used to create it became corrupted so for these videos I dropped the rendered 45 minute cut into Sony Vegas and cut that up into sections. Thankfully I don’t think the quality changed that much.

These are tentatively on YouTube. For the most part they haven’t earned me any copyright notices though (lol no). These are fan made videos that I hope inspire people to watch the Evangelion series and movies.
Enjoy and let me know what you think about the changes in the comments!

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