Neon Genesis Evangelion vs. Evangelion 1.11 Comparisons

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Note: These videos have been taken down for copyright reasons. If you’re interested in seeing these videos send me a message through the contact me page.

I was thinking about what video or blog post I could do next and realised that the series of videos I made comparing scenes in Evangelion 2.22 to the original series are my most popular. One of them became my first video to get 1000 views, so I’m doing a follow up series where I’ll be comparing scenes from Evangelion 1.11 to their original versions.

I did the first drafts of my Evangelion 2.22 videos about a year ago and made them for myself at the time. I like that movie the most out of the rebuild series and wanted to see how scenes and shots had been adapted. I’d considered doing a video about Evangelion 1.11 comparisons earlier but I thought it wouldn’t be as interesting since the movie is mostly a redraw of the first 6 episodes with more detail. I think 2.22 makes changes that make it more interesting as a film and better suited for these comparison videos.

Comparing 1.11 to the original series has been pretty interesting though. There are much less changes overall than in 2.22, most of the time 1.11 has the exact same shots and shot progression as the original but is slightly faster. Occasionally there’ll be some extra shots or altered sequences but they’re few and far between (in Unit-01’s entire fight against Sachiel there are only 4 or 5 shots I’d say were notably altered). In the scenes I’ve been editing it’s very rare for a shared shot to come at a different time in the scene, making editing a bit easier.

Dub wise 1.11 definitely has a more serious tone. I like how in the original series the voice acting suggests that it’s just going to be a typical mecha anime. It makes creepy things like Rei in the distance and Unit-01’s helmet falling off after its first fight make more of an impression. Listening to them side by side some of the original series’ voice acting does sound pretty cringey. But I think it works well in context.

The biggest changes happen in the third act, which is greatly expanded in 1.11. In the video I made of the fight against Ramiel I had to cut out roughly 10 minutes of footage from 1.11 so there wouldn’t just be the movie by itself for ages. It’s the most visually spectacular part of the movie because of everything they added. It makes me wish they made more changes.

I edited the first four videos with Sony Vegas, which is what I used to edit the 2.22 comparisons. Vegas ended up crashing way too much as time went on though so the last five are made with Adobe Premier. The main factor in editing this is choosing the best moment to sync things up. The shot progression and lengths of the original and rebuild are very close but minor pacing changes add up to make pretty big differences in timing.

Enjoy the videos and tell me what you think of the changes in the comments!

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