Gurren Lagann- Episode 27 vs. Movie Comparison

Note: The video was taken down

I love this show. Several people recommended it to me before I checked it out. Its plot is ridiculous but the real reason I like it is that in spite of the the main characters becoming Gods through sheer force of will at the end they’re still sympathetic and engaging. The fights also get your blood pumping. In two movie adaptations of the series they upped the already ludicrous animation quality and scale. The adaptation of the final battle in the series is the biggest example of this.

In this video the original battle plays on the left hand side and the movie version on the right. The main differences are that the main characters’ mech becomes a humanoid God-like being in the movie version and not just a slightly smaller God-like mech. That and it’s been redubbed and there are now outrageous flying breasts.

The new animation in the movie is pretty spectacular, really fluid and visually interesting with animators like Yoh Yoshinari doing great work. I still prefer the original version overall though. The dub seems more grounded and it gives a better emotional payoff rather than focusing on pure spectacle. Then again I might only saying that because I’ve seen the show.

Either way I think the differences in pacing, animation and dubbing are interesting.

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